Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Slow dancing in a burning room... literally.

Like many of the Ohio University female students, I awoke Tuesday morning with one thing on my mind: MUST DOWNLOAD NEW JOHN MAYER CD. As I logged onto my laptop and navigated my way to the iTunes store, I began to plan out my day:

10:00-12:00 listen to album in room / make my bed, clean my dishes
12:00- 2:00 move my little listening party to 'Club Alden' and study history
2:00- 4:00 eat some lunch / go to ping for a run (w/ headphones, of course )

... etc. This should illustrate my point that the new album was going to be at the forefront of my day. Verdict? It's amazing, yes. We all knew it would be. But then I had a thought...

I was in bed trying to fall asleep, listening to - you guessed it - more john mayer, when the "The Making of Who Say's" came up next on shuffle. It was a short, documentary-like look at the making of the video for the album's first single. There is commentary, too; both from the director of the video and from John himself.

It shows him with gorgeous New York city models and undeniably cool "urban hipsters" going to hot night clubs and parading around the city like it's their own metropolis playground. At one point they even break into a swimming pool, and the girls strip down to their designer panties and bras. Sounds like a typical night for Lindsay Lohan or any of the 'Hills' hotties, right? Right.

He says he wanted the video to be relateable; the end result is supposed to have us saying " Wow, i feel like i can hang out with that guy." Hmm, maybe if I was on the cast of Gossip Girls, then, yeah; I feel like I could hang out with you, John Mayer.

So why do I feel so upset watching him engage in this night of mayhem? He's not supposed to be in that group of stereotypical rich kids. He's the nerdy-yet-cute guitar player who makes strange facial expressions when reaching those high notes. He's the shaggy-haired boy who melted our hearts with "Your body is a wonderland." The question here is not 'Has John Mayer sold out?' but rather 'Will his music one day change, too?" Let's hope not. Because no matter how much we judge him or feel abandoned by the incoming of this new, 'Hollywood' version of John, we still love his stuff.

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